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65 Incorporated was created by one of America's leading Medicare experts to provide unbiased Medicare guidance and answers for today's Baby Boomers.

Because we are not affiliated with any insurance companies or the government, you can trust us to always put your best interests first.  Learn more.

Medicare guides, quizzes, tools, consultations & more

Whether you're trying to understand the basics of Medicare or you're hoping to have an actual person guide you through the Medicare enrollment process, find the resources you need here.

The first step in enrolling in Medicare is learning the basics

It's tough to make good Medicare choices without an understanding Medicare parts, paths, terms, etc. You'll learn them here.

Wondering when you can sign up for Medicare?

Find out with our FREE Medicare Eligibility Calculator. Just enter your birth date and get your custom calendar with all the details you need about your Initial Enrollment Period.

Getting ready to apply for Medicare?

If you're wondering how to sign-up for Medicare, start here to get the information you need to make the best Medicare decisions for you.

What are the out-of-pocket costs of Medicare?

Find out all the factors that go into determining your out-of-pocket Medicare costs and, whenever possible, what you can do to minimize those costs.

Does Medicare pay for home care?

Learn all about issues related to in-home care and Medicare in this section sponsored by Interim Healthcare.

How can 65 Incorporated help me sign-up for Medicare?

In addition to taking the fear, uncertainty, and costly mistakes out of the entire Medicare process, a consultation with a 65 Incorporated Medicare Expert will provide you with:

sign-route65.pngStep-by-step Medicare enrollment instructions

Every consultation results in a detailed Medicare Roadmap created just for you and your unique situation. Your Roadmap contains everything you need to know to sign-up for and get the most out of Medicare.

sign-options.pngA Medicare Path Recommendation

Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage? Insurance companies try to steer you in the direction of their plans. But, 65 Incorporated is different. Since we work for you - and no one else - you’ll learn the path that is right for you.

fo.pngAnswers to your most confusing questions

No question is too small or too complicated for us to tackle. As part of your 65 Incorporated Medicare Consultation, you can ask us anything...about Medicare, that is.

No one knows more about enrolling in Medicare than we do.

But don't take our word for it. See what the press has to say about us.



Not sure if you need a paid consultation?

Try to help yourself first with our free resources


FREE Medicare cost comparison

Download this free case study to help you compare the potential out-of-pocket costs of both Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage BEFORE you choose your Medicare path.


Learn how to choose the right Medicare Advantage plan

Watch the series of free videos featuring Diane J. Omdahl and learn why quality, coverage and cost are all vital to choosing a Medicare Advantage plan.


Learn the basics of Medicare from an unbiased source

Get started with Medicare by downloading the FREE “Introduction to Medicare” booklet. In it, you'll get just the right amount of Medicare information presented in a way that you can understand.




I saved $1000.00+

“As the CMO at a major home care company, you’d think I’d know this Medicare stuff. Honestly, I would’ve been lost without 65 Incorporated. Diane and her team easily saved me and my husband more than $1,000 a year! Thank you!”
- Linda Shaub, FL


I will definitely recommend them

“I was pleased to have been recommended to 65 Incorporated. I will avail myself of their services again as I wade through the morass of Medicare and drug program decisions I must make. I will definitely recommend them to others!”
- Lynn G., FL


They gave me confidence

“Ample time was taken to answer all my questions. My research on my own was not giving me the confidence that I would be making the right decision. 65 Incorporated was able to not only answer my questions fully, but gave me confidence in my decisions.”
- Bob J., WI


Who should sign up for a Medicare Consultation?

Why do I have to pay for this service?

How much does it cost?

How does it work?

What do I need to get started?

The Personalized Medicare Enrollment Consultation is ideal for:

  • The person about to turn 65 who needs to make important decisions about Medicare
  • Someone older than 65 who is retiring or losing existing health coverage

To learn more or make an appointment for your consultation,